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 Suburban Chicago Connie Mack Baseball League (SCCMBL): 2017
 Evanston (Frank Consiglio)       Morton Grove (Ed Toledo)
 Highland Park (Dan Casey)       Palatine (Brent Carroll)
 Loyola (Nick Bridich)               Wilmette (Mike Napoleon)
                   League President: Don Wallace

The SCCMBL started as a 6 team league in 2011; the 6 original teams were Highland Park, Glenview, Loyola, Morton Grove, Palatine and Wilmette. Six teams will again comprise the SCCMBL in 2017 with Evanston having replaced Glenview in 2016.
    The League is affiliated with Connie Mack baseball, a division of the American Amateur Baseball Congress. Players must be no older than 18 on April 30 in the year of the season. There is no residency requirement.
    A seeded (by League standings) pool play tournament (July 12-15) will determine the 2017 League champion. Teams will play pool games July 12,13,14, those games hosted by the higher seed. The top 2 teams from each pool  will advance to the Final 4 at Loyola on Saturday July 15. Palatine won the League tournament championship in 2016, defeating Loyola in the championship game. Wilmette was the regular season champion.

    All League games are wooden bat; each team plays other League teams three games during the regular season. Wilmette General Manager Don Wallace serves as SCCMBL President (dwallace@rwbaird.com).
(Final Reg Season)
              Playoff Schedule Below          
          W  PTS   Seed                         
2017 CM League Schedule
    6   9    12    4      Sat, 6/3         Tue,6/13          Tue, 6/20         Wed, 6/28       Wed, 7/5
  HP    5  10   10    5      MG4, HP3        MG6,WL4         MG3,PA0          LA9,MG1          EV3,MG1
  LA   10   5   20    2      HP15,MG1        LA2,HP0           PA3,MG2          HP@EV,PPD      PA6,HP5                                                  MG    4   11   8    6                              PA7, EV4          HP8,WL2                                WL10,LA3 
  PA    8   7   16    3      Wed, 6/7                               LA7,EV5          Thu, 6/29          EV13,HP0
  WL  12   3   24    1`  
  LA2,PA1          Thu 6/15                                WL3,PA1          Thu, 7/6
                                                        WL6,MG3    Wed, 6/21             WL2,PA1          EV13,EV1        
  15 League games                           LA11,HP6     PA8,MG6               MG3,LA2
   per team in reg.                           LA5,HP3      WL12,HP2               
   season                                          PA4,EV3       LA8,EV4                           
  League                    Thu, 6/8          EV6,PA5                               Fri, 6/30
  Champions              HP17,MG,3       Fri,6/16      Mon 6/26            PA6,WL1
  2011 Palatine          LA6,PA4           WL4,EV1     WL4,EV2                                          EV=Evanston
  2012 Glenview        LA4,PA0           HP2,EV1                                  Mon, 7/3         HP=Highland Park                                                                                  WL10,MG0          Tue, 6/27               WL2,LA0          LA=Loyola Academy
  2013 Wilmette        Sun,6/11            Mon, 6/19       LA8,MG5                                   MG=Morton Grove
  2014 Wilmette        PA4,HP2            EV8,LA6         HP4,EV2                                 PA=Palatine                                                                           PA7,HP4            WL8,LA 1          WL3,EV1                                WL=Wilmette  
  2015 Loyola                        Sat 6/17: WL13,HP2; EV4, MG2
  2016 Palatine
  2017 Wilmette                                         2017 Playoffs (Seeded), July 12-15
                               Pool A is #1WL, #4EV, #6MG     Pool B is #2LA, #3PA, #5HP
                      Thu July 13(pool A)     Thu July 13 (Pool B)   Fri July 14          Sat Final Four (at Loyola) 

                       WL5,MG,2                   HP8,LA6                      EV8,MG7               9:30 (1A)EV4, v (2B)LA3
                       EV8,WL2                     PA7,HP5                                                  12:00 (2A)WL10,(1B)PA9 (in 10)
                                                               LA3,PA1                                                    3:00 WL 13, EV 3
                     Pool A: EV(2-0) is 1A    Pool B: PA(1-1) is 1B                          W 3:00 game is League Champion                                  WL(1-1) is 2A                LA(1-1) is 2B                              WL wins 2017 League Champion                                                                                      MG(0-2) elim.               HP(1-1) elim.
                                                      Pool B based on Runs Allowed tie Breaker:
                                                       PA 8,LA 9,HP13